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This page is only for insured Sancor Insurance do Brasil.

The line for claims and complaints of Sancor Seguros aims at establishing a direct channel of communication with its customers through orientation, prevention and conflict resolution.

This channel is oriented towards the insured, beneficiaries, stipulators, third-parties (damage victims), Insurance Brokers (acting in the insured´s name) and legally-constituted representatives, in order to receive complaints, inquiries, comments, suggestions and compliments about the service rendered.

The acceptance criteria so that the customer can make a claim using the Claims and Complaints Line shall be that the claimant has already used the official channels of Sancor Seguros to deal with the claim and once the process was over, the customer is still in disagreement with the decision taken or did not have the solution to the initial claim in the agreed term as long as he/she has not made an appeal.

If your case is enclosed in the above description, you shall be able to send us a mail describing your situation. In order to contact us it will be necessary that you fill in the following form:
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If you prefer you can also contact Sancor Seguros Claims and Complaints Line:
  • Mail:
    Claims and Complaints Sancor Seguros
    Av. Duque de Caxias 882, CEP 87013-180 - Edifício New Tower Plaza - Torre 2 – Térreo
    Maringá – Paraná – Brasil
  • Phone: 0800 888 0402
We will contact you within 24 (twenty four) hours after the receiving of your message.
In case it´s necessary we´ll ask you to give us some data and additional documents in order to analyze the case and deal with it in the best possible way.
Our aim is to offer you a personal, independent and fair customer service.
We look forward to your message.